I get many questions and compliments on my eyebrows. Yes that’s a phrase many people would find odd but in the make up world having slaying eyebrows is a big deal. If you’d like to know how I do it read on for techniques and products!


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Medium Brown

Sigma E65 Small Angle brush

Spooly brush (similar)

Any clear mascara



I’m lucky to have quite thick and fast growing eyebrows, however I also have dark hair therefore they need taming. I don’t trust anyone else with this therefore I regularly tweeze my eyebrows myself to keep their shape. 


Make up:

I always do my eyebrows first to allow for mistakes. First I brush them downwards before creating a line along the top using my angled brush and the Dip Brow. It’s best to take a little onto the brush and do small strokes to avoid a ‘sharpie brow’ effect.


Then taking some more Dip Brow into the brow brushing through to make the brows darker. Again a little at a time is best.


Then I brush upwards to soften the Dip Brow and for filling in the next part. I draw a line across the bottom of the brow and creating the ‘tail’ of the brow.


Then follow the line across the bottom of the front part of the brow, try to make the thinnest line you can.


I brush the brows up again to soften and blend the Dip Brow through the brows, stopping any harshness.


Taking any concealer and a small angled brush, draw a line across the bottom of the brow to clean it up and create an ideal brow shape.


Outline around the eyebrow cleaning up any mistakes and making it sharper, before blending the concealer. I run some clear mascara through to set and keep the hairs in place.


The finished product with full face of make up.


So that’s my eyebrow routine, hope you enjoy and ask any questions!


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