Can’t believe August is actually over and it’s now heading into Autumn. It feels like we haven’t even had a summer but I’m so excited for Autumn now; cold, dark nights, Autumn fashion and yummy food! But for now here’s my favorites of the past month.


I’ve gotten into wearing lashes more, in particular I’ve been loving the Ardell Demi Wispies (I know I’m so behind the hype) as they add just the right amount of volume and then the Peek-A-Boo lashes are amazing for a night out. 

I got some glitters from Star Crushed Minerals (see me using them here) and I’ve loved experimenting with them this month. They add more to your make up look and just make it even more special, perfect for a night out or date.

So I’ve been using this Nivea Body Moisturiser which has Almond Oil in it and it’s so good, it’s so rich and moisturising it makes your skin so soft and the oil gives it a gorgeous glow.

I’ve been loving this combination of The VO5 Heat Defence spray and the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray in my hair when it’s wet after washing and then blow drying it. It gives my hair texture and grip as well as keeping it healthy and I love it.

Speaking of hair I bought the Schwarzkopf got2b blasting freeze spray which you can use s a hair spray however it really holds your hair, it can get stiff if you spray too close but it gives your hair grip and texture whilst holding the style amazingly.


Food wise I made this brownies last month and featured them in my what I eat in a day post here, they’re healthy and vegan and taste amazing. I used Carly Rowena’s blog post to make them and I will definitely make them again!

Thanks for reading! 


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