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Today’s post is something different for me and one I’ve wanted to do for a while. I love food and finding out what type of things everyone eats and makes for themselves; so I thought I’d join in and show you what kind of things I eat in an average day!


Once I’ve woken up, I always have a cup of hot water with lemon before starting off with breakfast; my usual is porridge however since I had more time on my day off I decided to make pancakes (yey!). I follow a recipe from Kayla Itsines(see the recipe here) using oats, protein powder, baking powder, banana, egg and soya milk. I love these pancakes, they always turn out good and so yummy and make me enjoy my breakfast so much! I always throw on loads of toppings usually fruit and sooo much peanut butter! coffee

Coffee is an essential for me every day, I tend to have 2-3 a day and I find a good cup of coffee is so comforting. I have one with breakfast and again around 11am.


Lunch was this amaaaazing salad, I tend to just make up salads and add different combinations and ingredients, whatever I fancy at the time. I decided to cook some spicey chickpeas and vegetarian sausages to put in this one. I used various spices and some oil on the chickpeas before baking for 20 minutes along with the sausages. Then I threw them in with the rest of the usual salad bits to create this bowl of yumminess! We had some sourdough bread too I had a couple of slices with the salad, as well as a litre bottle of water.


Once it gets to about 3pm I’m hungry again and in a bit of a slump so need a pick me up. I had a cup of green tea (my favourite) with an apple and peanut butter. This snack is so yummy and a classic and gives you energy to keep going in the day. Not to mention how amazing green tea is, I love it and the amount of benefits it has is endless!


For tea we had homemade vegetable soup with some more of the sourdough bread. This tastes so good and was totally guilt free! Homemade soup is so much tastier than bought soup and this was full of yummy veggies. I had some more water with this as well.


I made some healthy and yummy brownies made with a surprising ingredient of red kidney beans! These are vegan and taste so yummy. I followed Carly Rowena’s recipe here, and added some dates in too; they taste really good whilst being guilt free. I had one of these for my supper with a fruit tea, before having another hot lemon water before bed.

This day represents my usual balanced veggie diet, obviously if I’m at work I eat a bit of a more basic ‘packed lunch’; and I drink around 2-3 litres of water a day with 3-4 on a day with exercise in. 

Hope you enjoyed this food post and thank you for reading!


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