One of my favourite things to do is to get all dressed up, play around with my make up and wack some heels on. This outfit is something I’d wear for such an occasion; it also follows the lace up trend which is one I love as it suits everyone and makes outfits stylish and sexy.

See my last outfit post here.


The plunging neck line and lace up design keeps it dressy but long sleeves do dress it down if I wanted to wear it more casually (as well as keeping me warm on a night out). I paired this skirt I got a while ago with it to keep it bodycon and monochrome. The pattern adds detail and is flattering for my body shape. It also means I have legs out which balances as my arms are covered. I got this bag at work the other day, it was the last one in the sale plus discount meant it was less than a tenner and I love it!


Bodysuit – MissGuided (£20) // Skirt – MissGuided (similar) // Shoes – Primark (£14) // Bag – Zara (similar)


Photography – Rebecca Snaith


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