DIY Frappuccino

I really looooove coffee, however since the UK has been hit with some kind of heat wave I end up craving cold drinks over hot. So after a bit of experimenting I’ve created a recipe for the most amazing DIY frappuccino which is much healthier than those you buy from coffee shops, tastes amaaaaazing and is super quick. 

normal donecacao done

I am not a vegan (I am vegetarian), however I tend to steer clear of dairy, therefore this recipe is dairy-free so suitable for vegans, but you can easily use normal milk if you prefer. 



  • espresso shot of coffee (I use instant)
  • cup of milk (normal, soy, almond)
  • one frozen banana
  • ice
  • tbsp protein powder (I use vanilla soy protein)

Blend all ingredients together in a blender, starting with liquids first. 

normal blendernormal donee


If coffee isn’t your thing you can easily remove it to get more of a milkshake/smoothie.

The protein powder isn’t necessary either, however I like to add it so I can up my protein levels (being vegetarian means I miss out on protein from meat), and the powder also adds a frothiness to the drink.

If you’re a chocolate lover you can add a teaspoon of cacao (healthier and vegan) or cocoa powder to the mixture, blend and get a mocha style frappuccino.

cacao powdercacao blendercacao donee

Please let me know if you try this recipe, I can’t recommend it enough! 


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