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DAY TRIP-Richmond

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So as I write this the weather looks so gloomy, it has rained all day and the sun has definitely not shone. However, last week it felt like it was actually summer therefore I went on a day trip with my parents to Richmond to enjoy the sun. 

I really love visiting small towns in the UK, they always have character and beautiful views. It’s lovely to see how other people live even if it is just a couple of hours away. Richmond have the town centre with a church, shops, pubs etc. the usual I guess. The day we went there were a couple of fair type things in the town halls with stalls which was cute. It always feels so much nicer and relaxing looking around shops in a different town over your own town, even if they are the same shops. 


Richmond has a tourist attraction called The Station but we had no idea what was inside, however it was so lovely, there’s a swimming pool, mini golf, a cinema, cafe with attached bakery, brewery and an ice cream parlor; all inside of an old train station therefore traditional and unique. It was very busy due to the weather however still lovely to walk around-my dad also spent a while talking to the guy in the brewery as me and my mam eyed up the ice cream sundaes.

outfit smile

This outfit was something really different for me due to the cigarette trousers, I normally just stick to jeans however after spotting these on MissGuided I really love them. The belt means they show off your waist making them more flattering. Pairing them with my Adidas Superstars kept it casual and comfortable. 

Must add that I had to change into shorts when we sunbathed by the river as it was gorgeous weather!

Sunglasses – H&M  / Top – Primark / Trousers – MissGuided / Trainers – Adidas / Bag – Primark


As mentioned we then spent the rest of the day catching the rays at the river, there was so many rocks and islands people were lying on, with kids and dogs playing in the water. Now I’m not here to promote Richmond however I wanted to share this post firstly to show how pretty and unique the UK can be, but also to recommend taking day trips to nearby towns you haven’t visited before, to act like a tourist for the day and explore somewhere new without breaking the bank. 

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Are there any towns you’d recommend?



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