getting out 

So one of the things I wanted to start doing more of was going out and doing ‘things’, especially doing them alone. So often I stay in as it’s easier and there’s too much effort in going out to places especially if there’s no one expecting me. However I really want to start going out more and making plans with people. One of my favourite things to do is go to a coffee shop, order a soy latte and either do some uni work, read a book or watch some YouTube videos.  As much as I love a good Costa, I really wanted to try somewhere less ‘common’ if you will. So I wandered into an art gallery quite near where I live in Manchester as I’d seen that there was a cafe. I’ve been twice now, once for a coffee and to catch up on uni work and then again to have lunch and read a book.   Both times I’ve been treat really well by the very friendly staff who follow a good system within the cafe and are constantly working. The cafe was very busy, clearly popular, with a mix of businessmen, families with young and older children and elderly groups. However, nobody waited a long time for a table. The prices are quite steep, especially for a student, but the food I had was lovely and the service is great. They offer a lot of options and the food isn’t what you’d get at a normal cafe, so it’s quite a nice treat despite the price. The cafe also is comeplyy glass walls and looks out onto whitworth park, therefore givin a feelin of sitting amongst the trees.

I also had a look around the art gallery which is free entry.

If you live near Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester I’d defeovteky recommend a visit. If not I recommend finding out what hidden gems and places there are near you to go. Whether you want to meet up with a friend for a gossip and cake, or simply take time to yourself, I definitely suggest getting out and leaving Netflix back at home.

thank you for reading and let me know any places you love to visit

Gem xx


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