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So everyone is sick of the phrase “new year new me” by now, it is probably more often used ironically. However, 2016 really does look like a year for change and to become more positive. Now lets go more personal. Recently I have found myself in a habit of being unmotivated and lets face it lazy. I have an endless list of things I’ve wanted to start doing, things I want to do and be, but do I do them? Of course not. But now is the time to stop imagining what life could be like and just attempt to make it real. Cheesy I know but simply forcing yourself to do things you know you can do makes them more bearable, and after a while you find a routine and without realizing you’ve changed yourself. So here I’m going to write a list, more for my own benefit than yours, but a list of everything I want to start doing more regularly and to change who I am. You may look at these as resolutions but that word just makes me more reluctant to actually do anything and it’s definitely too late to call them that. So think of these as gradual changes that become habits and hopefully mean 2016 will kick 2015’s ass. thank you for reading, gem xx

  1. blog more. practice makes perfect after all and what harm can be done from a few pictures and rambling words? I aim to improve my content and photography and become more comfortable with blogging.
  2. gym more. a common goal this time of year however I am a better person when I regularly exercise and a little bit often is better than nothing!
  3. have a healthy lifestyle. diets never work, at least with me. Therefore having a consistent healthy diet, making more effort with cooking and having a different outlook on food makes a world of difference.
  4. focus on uni work. so I’ve become so lazy with learning and work due to having no exams and less structure than sixth form. I also think I am reluctant to try hard as this always reduces me to stress. but I need to make the most of uni and this means trying my best with the work.
  5. socialise. The dreaded work in my book. This goal is one of the hardest for me, and I am far too comfortable in my own company. However if you never try you never know (starts singing in head) and pushing your comfort zones is how to live life, the scarier the better.
  6. stop spending. I am one of those. One of those people who just loves to spend, the amount of food, unworn clothing and random crap I must of spent money on over the years is insane, so I want to start spending wisely.
  7. get out. I have become a hermit, I spend so much time indoors watching netflix or basically doing nothing. So when I have a few hours free, I aim to just go out, go anywhere. Although living in Manchester does make this harder due to the constant rain.
  8. drink more water. of course.

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