month in pictures

month in photos

November seemed to last so long, probably as I was in constant anticipation for December, however it has now come to end therefore I am here to summarize the month in photos. Just a few highlights of the month and snaps I’ve taken, enjoy and let me know what you’ve been up to!


Amazing gin and tonic cupcake my sister made when I was back home-so yummy!


Very top heavy porridge I had at home, clearly I had a lot of time on my hands, however porridge that is smothered in toppings is the best kind, right?


Selfie before I went to see my mam’s theater show, I was so happy to be home as I going to the show every year is a favourite tradition of mine


Went to the cinema to see Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse with Becca and Jaxon, I hadn’t been to the cinema in ages so it was really nice to go and catch up with friends

From a day in Morpeth with my sister, had a lovely day and such a cute village-definitely recommend for a day out


A simple uni ootd featuring a vintage jumper, my Camden coat and some leather leggings, really liked the contrast and simplicity of this outfit


A behind the scenes mid-laugh shot from my first look post

Lunch at Bella Italia with Nim, this tasted so good and the decor was really cool

From visiting the Manchester Christmas markets-highly recommend, gorgeous food options, lots of stall and really gets you in a festive mood!


Finally my Auntie and 3 year old cousin came to visit and we had a lovely day at a museum, very child friendly and such a funny day!

Thank you for reading, gem xx


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