today’s workout


When going to the gym I tend to just make up what I do as I go along; however from participating in fitness and sport most of my life I know what my limits are and have enough knowledge to create my own workouts. On the way there I sometimes browse Pinterest for some inspiration or examples of exercises, so I can plan what I’m going to do in my head. Not having a proper workout plan or trainer may not be the best way to achieve my goals, however I always push myself and work my body hard. So here’s todays workout-please note I am not a professional nor have been trained by one, this is just what I do:

Target Area=Glutes and Abs

Warm up= 5k/10 minutes on the bike, gradually increasing the resistance and sprinting the last 30 seconds


  • Donkey Kicks-on all fours, raising one bent leg until foot is directly above bum, squeezing your glutes and return to starting position-15 on each leg
  • Doggy Hydrant-on all fours, open one leg out to the side still bent until thigh is parallel with the floor, squeeze glutes and return to starting position- 15 on each leg
  • Back Kicks-standing up, at arms-length away from chair/wall with your hands resting on it, lean forward slightly and raise one leg back keeping it straight and squeezing your glutes, return to starting position, keep hips square with the wall/chair-10 on each leg, 2 sets
  • Squat Pulse-stand with feet wider than shoulder-width and toes pointing out. Squat down, keeping knees in line with toes, keep back straight and abs squeezed. Pulse up and down about 6 inches in squat position. Pulse 10 times before standing- do 15 of 10 pulses, 2 sets
  • Jump Squats-stand with feet wider than shoulder-width and toes pointing forward. Squat down without knees going past your toes, squeeze your glutes and then jump up, return back down to squat position-10 squats


  • Crunches-lie on back with legs bent and feet on the floor, hands either side of your head, lift your shoulders using your ab muscles and return back down-30
  • Alternate Heel Touches-lie on back with legs bent and feet on the floor, place arms flat either side of body and crunch slightly and to one side so your fingers touch one foot, return back and crunch to the other side-20
  • Bicycle Crunches-lie on back with legs raised, one bent and one straight, hands either side of your head, take turns swapping which leg is bent and which is straight, whilst reaching your opposite elbow to your bent knee-20
  • Reverse Crunch-lie on back with both legs bent and raised so your calves are parallel with the floor, arms straight out on the floor and crunch your abs so your legs pull forward towards your face and your lower back comes off the floor-20
  • Russian Twist-sit with feet under something, lower your back down so you’re at a 45 degree with the floor, raise arms straight forwards and twist from side to side-40
  • Flutter Kicks-lie on your back with legs and arms straight, lift legs slightly with one foot above the other and swap which foot is the above foot-20
  • Lying Leg Raise-lie on your back with legs and arms straight, raise both legs together so that your thighs are at a 90 degree to your abs and lower back down-20
  • Windshield Wipers-lie on your back with legs bent, thighs at a 90 degree to the floor, and arms out to the side, lower legs to each side, twisting your torso and keeping legs bent, face the opposite side-10
  • Plank-on your front feet hip-width apart, hands together and raise your body so parallel with the floor keeping your bum low, hold-60 s
  • Side plank-lie on your side with one foot on top of the other, one hand on your hip and the other arm bent and supporting you, raise your body and hold-30s each side
  • Plank Jacks-plank position again, move each foot so the side and back to original position-20

Cardio: 3.5 km/25 minutes on the treadmill, increasing the speed by 5 each 30s for the last 3 minutes

This workout really worked my body and my muscles, and took about an hour to complete. Next time change up the order in which you complete the exercises, add weights to make it harder, or change the cardio to biking/cross trainer/rowing, to keep yourself motivated and surprise your body. Writing this post the next day, I can definitely say my bum and abs are feeling it!

thanks for reading and let me know what you get up to at the gym! gem xx


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